Take Action: Support the Amendment!


The immediate objective is to collect 700,000 signatures from registered Florida voters before February 1, 2018 to actually put the Amendment on the November ballot. Here is the petition and a short video about the effort. Longer term we must rally public support in Florida to reach the 60% approval threshold necessary for passage.

Florida Residents

Are you registered to vote? If so then sign a petition! If not, and you are eligible to vote, then register to vote! (and then sign a petition.)

Whether or not you are registered to vote you can take action locally. We are just beginning to organize local actions and can help you to find others in your area. Drop us a note on our Contact Us page and we’ll get you connected.

Or, check out The Indivisible Project and contact a local group. Many of them are collecting petitions to get ballot access for the Voting Restoration Amendment (#VRAFL.) With additional interest (e.g. from you!) in VRAFL, groups can plan more targeted demonstrations and educational events supporting the amendment.

Do you have suggestions or knowledge of other groups in Florida that are active? Let us know and we can add them to this space.

The following advice applies to everyone, including Floridians!

Don’t live in Florida?

You are the force that will help push the Amendment over the top! Contact people you know in Florida and discuss the Amendment. You will familiarize them with a topic they likely know little about. Many think that ex-felons everywhere can’t vote. They don’t realize the extreme nature of Florida’s policy. Depending on the whim of the Governor to regain civil rights is not normal and has led to 1.5 MILLION Floridians having no say about matters that affect them and their families. Such as war and peace? Accountability of government officials? Usage and allocation of tax revenues?

We plan to set up means of contacting Florida voters by post card and telephone. These will not be robocalls but instead be person-to-person contacts for discussing the concerns people have with this issue. Let us know if you are interested in participating in these.

As an extension of this, we can coordinate and provide contact info for larger groups in Florida such as churches and clubs. Your outreach can help sympathetic organizations decide to publicize this campaign among their membership, thereby leveraging your efforts through their larger numbers. At the same time, you can invite organizations in your area to extend the same level of personal engagement with people they know in Florida, gaining another multiplier effect.

Use social media to encourage open-minded people to act (sign a petition, vote, act, etc.) For example, here is a twitter thread regarding a sign that residents put on their door amidst the intensity of a runoff election in Georgia. The discussion makes you wonder whether it’s a sad sign of the times or if the residents are relying on commonsense (incorrect) assumptions. (Florida’s amendment would catch up to Georgia by restoring voting rights after all terms of sentence including probation and parole.) By watching these discussions and adding a “Like”, repost or comment, you encourage further discussion of this topic.

Make a contribution to the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition (FRRC)

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